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Emotional showing of Ayrton with some of the men that knew him most

This last week in Birmingham at the National Exhibition Centre at the Autosport International show, Europe's largest, Ian has been presenting the Ayrton Senna Sempre piece with some of the people connected to Ayrton. 

David Coulthard unveiled the piece on Saturday - the former F1 driver who replaced Ayrton in the seat after the tragic day in Imola. An emotional Allan McNish, unveiled it on the sunday and spoke about the piece and Ayrton for quite some time and was visibly moved by the piece - the Le Mans winner and F1 driver was a test driver for Ayrton. David Brabham who was in the same fatal race as Ayrton in 1994 also came to see the piece as well as Boyzone's Shane Lynch, now a racer himself, and the new crop of young drivers who all paid homage to Ayrton as well as a bowing Stig. 

The crowds were able to see the work for the first time, and the majority would not believe it was denim until very close to it. On stage, Ian was questioned about the piece and spoke extensively about the Ayrton Senna Institute and the family, who donated the jeans. 

To see pictures of the event click

Ayrton Senna Sempre piece to show in Birmingham UK

Ian Berry will present at the Motor Show in Birmingham 8-11 January showing his Ayrton Senna Sempre piece. 

From the official Press Release... 

Six months before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Formula 1 fans will be able to celebrate the pinnacle of motorsport at Autosport International in January, and witness the European debut of a portrait of the legendary Ayrton Senna created by renowned British artist Ian Berry.

Known as ‘Denimu’, Berry uses shades of layered denim as his palette and was commissioned by the Ayrton Senna Institute to commemorate the 20th year since the three-time World Champion’s passing in 1994, utilising jeans owned by members of the Senna family. 

Celebrating its 25th anniversary at Birmingham’s NEC on 8-11 January*, Autosport International has been selected by the family and Institute, which works to increase the quality of education available to Brazilian children, to host the stunning 122cm x 160cm artwork’s first viewing in Europe. It was recently unveiled in Senna’s hometown, Sao Paulo in Brazil. 

“It was simply spectacular. It was very exciting to see the result,” Bianca Senna, niece of Ayrton, told Brazilian TV network Globo, before describing Ayrton’s mother’s reaction. “When my grandmother saw it she cried and was excited all day.”

Further Formula 1 flavour at Europe’s biggest motorsport show will come through the F1 Racing Grid, which will host Berry’s unique portrait, and guests such as 13-time Grand Prix winner and BBC F1 expert David Coulthard.


Behind the Seams...

Take a look of the behind the scenes of the making of the Ayrton Senna Sempre piece by Bäst Films, Amsterdam. 

Ian Berry film by bäst

We can only say this film is incredible, even if we do say so ourselves. It gives a great insight into the way Ian works and the feeling going into his latest piece. The film was made to show before the unveil of the Ayrton Senna piece in Sao Paulo, hence, you don't get to see the final work

A massive thanks goes to Director Jan Diederik Oudshoorn Spaargaren, Director of Photography Gabor Deak, Kim Hinrichs, Diego Teixeira, Jacco Lenstra and Alfred Klaassen as well as stylist Natasja Wakil.

A Big thanks to all at bäst films Amsterdam. 

Skysports Today

Unveil of Ayrton Senna Sempre

The unveil of the Ayrton Senna Sempre portrait made with the late Racing Icon's families jeans was unveiled in Sao Paulo at the Instito Ayrton Senna yesterday at a press conference with Bianca Senna. For more information and picture here

The Unveil...

Ayrton Senna Sempre, unveiled today with the Senna family in attendance in Sao Paulo. . . More

On The BBC soon

Great to have the support of the Mayor's office. Kajsa Ollongren, Dept. Mayor of Amsterdam and Head of Culture talks about Ian's arrival to Amsterdam, Europe's Denim Capital. A great place to be! 

Citizen art will be shown on the BBC soon. 

Ian Berry on the BBC

Ian Berry will be featured on the upcoming BBC show Citizen Art on BBC 4 and World, coming soon. More info to follow. 

Cover of Chinese magazine VISION

Ian Berry's work on he cover of Chinese magazine Vision's September magazine. 

Small Indignities

This Fall Noah Antieau and Alix Sloan bring together their disparate, yet surprisingly complimentary, curatorial styles to bring “Small Indignities” to New Orleans. The pair invited seventeen stellar contemporary artists – including world-renown local Chris Roberts-Antieau, Pop-Surrealist star Mark Ryden and European sensation Ian Berry – to share their own interpretation of the day-to-day trials and tribulations we all face. The resulting works run the gamut from hilarious to heart wrenching. The exhibition includes paintings, works on paper, photography and mixed media sculpture, and the artist’s visions are as varied as their mediums. Among the most irreverent is Ransom & Mitchell’s portrait of Antieau as a roughed-up carnival bunny trying to escape his evil handlers. Dan Barry explores fond childhood memories as they relate to latter day realizations of the shocking fragility of human life in an emotionally charged four-part installation. Tom Haney captures the essence of a day gone wrong in animatronic kite flying sculpture "Best Laid Plans." And New Orleans’ own Bryan Cunningham makes a powerful political statement about the plight of US immigrants in “Luchadora Landscaping.” Each of the seventeen works featured offers a profound glimpse into its creator’s values, belief system and inner dialogue. 

“Small Indignities” takes place at co-curator Noah Antieau’s Red Truck Gallery where he promises to apply his famous talent for the creative installations that have made Red Truck a favorite on the art fair circuit to the exhibition. Most of the artists and both curators will be in attendance at the opening reception on Saturday, September 13th from 7 to 9pm. The exhibition runs through October 5th and gallery hours are Thursday through Tuesday, 10am to 8pm. Red Truck Gallery is located at 938 Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Admittance is always free and open to the public. For more information about Red Truck Gallery visit

At Red Truck Gallery, 938 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130 with an artist's reception on September 13th from 7 to 10pm. Exhibition runs through October 5th. Gallery hours are Thursday through Tuesday, 10am to 8pm. 

Sportswear International Cover

Ian Berry created the Summer Cover for Sportswear International magazine's Hollywood Issue. Made to the scale of the magazine, it helps to really create the denim look and feel. Model and actor Sávvas Seferis is featured as if arriving to make his brake into Hollywood.

ianjberry on Instagram

For behind the scenes images - Now on Instagram 

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie with the portrait

More info - Photo from Getty Images

Debbie Harry in Ray Bans

More info - Photo by Emil Langvad

Working on Debbie Harry. Final Stages

More info - Photo by Emil Langvad

Ian at the Ray ban District 1937 Event in New York

More info - Photo by Sávvas Zeferis

In the year of the Selfie.

Amsterdam Denim Days

Amsterdam Denim Days

Ian Berry 'Newsstand' in Barcelona

Ian Berry's News stand was bought by Pepe Jeans London from the Catto Gallery and while it will travel around, it's first new home is in Barcelona in this rather cool window display. You can read more here


Swedish magazine passionaire celebrating people with passion

Yorkshire Post

New Microsite

A important part of Ian's work is the depth and texture. It is hard to replicate that in a secondary format, but here, the new microsite attempts to address that with larger images and detail shots of his work in layers of denim. Nothing will compare with the real thing, but here is a effort to help show what his work is really like.

Tonight's BBC London News

Today, Ian was on BBC London news at the main lunchtime show and the evening news with Riz Lateef who called his work 'Remarkable' You can see the clip here.

Ian with BBC's Brenda Emmanus

Jennifer Saunders in denim (her own)

Ian was commissioned by the Sunday Time's Style magazine to create this piece of Ab Fab's Jennifer Saunders as her famous character Eddie Monsoon, including using her own jeans. The piece will be auctioned for the charity Smartworks at Somerset House on the 30th November. 

Opening night: Cake Cutting

Ian interviewed with Brenda Emmanus

Opening night: Cake Cutting

A big Highlight of the opening was Annabel de Vetten's amazing taxidermy cake. Designed to look like denim but also, to be eaten. Was quite sad to cut into it, but the taste soon diminished all the sadness. 

Opening Night: Annabel de Vetten with her amazing cake

To see more images of the opening night click.

The Record store installation

Click to see more images

Opening night: by Denise Stock and Emil Langvad

A big Thanks to Emil Lanvad and Denise Stock for taking some great shots at the opening. Click on the images to see more and larger.

Opening night: by Emil Langvad

Cosy winter night

Photo: Denise Stock

DWTV Euromaxx. German TV

Before yesterday's opening Ian spent the day with German DWTV and today it is to be beamed to many different countries around the world. It is really well put together so have a look for yourself.

From the Conjurers Kitchen

Look again. This is not denim. This is the amazing work of Annabel de Vetten, known for her incredible work using cake... Yes, good enough to eat. Tonight's guests will even get a taste. 

Annabel worked with Ian and was inspired by his still life pieces created this stag, with marzipan antlers and denim blue dyed cake plaque for the Private View

Ian said this 'Sugarcraft taxidermy'
was a massive highlight and was blown away when seeing the final piece.

Opening night: by Emil Langvad

The show opens 6pm tonight at the Catto Gallery

Ian on the Robert Elms Show

Ian will be on the Robert Elms show on BBC London 94.9FM after noon tomorrow. He's sure to be interested in Ian's record collection installation - given that he has met and interviewed the majority of the bands and icons featured. 

The Final touches. Opening tomorrow

Ian on Belgium TV

Ian will be on Belgium's VRT Eén's Lust for Life TV show tonight. They visited his studio in Sweden and we're keen to see the result. 

Ian in the UK's Sunday Times

Click to see article

Catto Gallery Preview Video

Ian Berry - Denimu 2013 - Promo from Catto Gallery TV on Vimeo.

Art Business news selects Ian to be in 30 under 30

A really amazing accolade for Ian.

*Ian Berry not Barry.

Found at Bread and Butter, Berlin

Nice find at Bread and Butter, Denimize magazine that Ian graces the cover of.

Denimu in Sportswear International Magazine

Click to see article

Boss cover of Sportswear International...

..but we all know it's what's on the inside that counts.

Denimu on National Geographic

If you are in Brazil Check out Ian's work on National Geographics Ciencia em Casa tonight. Tonight's program is all about clothes. Enjoy...

50 Shades . . .

All made with cut up grey and black jeans. The New York Subway.

New Work

Denimu in Scholastic

Ian is in the latest edition of Scholastic art - a educational magazine for US schools. Scholastic has a presence in 90% of schools in the United States so we'll now see if any of the kids are inspired by Ian's work. Pretty flattering to be sandwiched between Wiley, Van Gogh and Chuck Close.

Motala Konsthall Exhibition

Ian will show a few pieces of his denim works beside the children he had a week with in the winter as part of a special government sponsored project. To find out more information click the link.

10.6 - 20.6 2013

Made of blue... Ian + Vättern = sant


Motala Konsthall
Kommunhuset, Drottninggatan 2, 591 35 Motala

Postadress: Motala kommun, 591 86 Motala 
Tel: 0141-22 50 00

Denim Education

2013 has been the year of education so far! With many schools basing their studies on Ian's work as well as individual students - all ages from toddlers to juniors, College to University as well as Adult Ed classes! He has also featured in Education publications and literature to how to recreate his work and to give ideas what else to do. Here we take a look at the best...

Ian worked with 11 years olds in Motala, Sweden

And a Adult Ed class


Here young Swedish Children in Landskrona created local scenes in denim


Nelson Publishing included Denimu in the book Nelson English 10, Academic


Amelia, a Junior at Tigard High School in Oregon created this great piece of Anglina Jolie and in Pakistan, Xainab created a work in denim for her university course.


In the UK young Jonti drew a piece on Ronaldo out of blue crayon recreating the texture of denim and doing her A leves, Katie did the piece inspired by Ian's work and in particular his London pieces. 

In the middle a young Swedish child created this famous symbol of Motala, that will show in a exhibition at the Cities main Konsthall next week.


The Amsterdam Fashion Institute created this publication on Denim, illustrated by Ian's denim pieces and also included an interview.

Ian Berry at ArtMkt San Fransisco

Ian will show with Red Truck at the San Fransisco Art Fair ArtMrk click for details.

Last weekend of Hard Time Mini Mall at the Shooting Gallery

It's the last weekend of Hard Time Mini Mall at the Shooting Gallery in San Fransisco. Here is a vimeo of it being installed, filmed by Dora at the Gallery.

Now Open

The Illustrated Recipe is now open to the public! It will be open to the 26th May during the Brighton Festival in the UK. After a great opening night on thursday, where all Ian's work sold, the Festival officially opens today.

A great opening night

The Boar's Head

Fair Game

Ready for the Jug for the Illustrated Recipe

WIP... Regency Hare

Or should that say RIP? Although framed this is a work in progress for the Illustrated Recipe. The Regency period was famous for it's grandeur, however Ian became more interested in the game culture and thought of the more behind the scenes Regency culinary happenings. This hare is waiting to be put in the jug!

Photographs by the great Joe Russo

Ian with Jason D'Aquino by well known photographer Joe Russo check out his site of amazing photography here.

Denimu on Hi Fructose

It's always nice to get recognized by magazines and sites but when it's by one that you actually read everyday it's all the more special. So when Ian was having his breakfast this morning he got the nice surprise to see his name on Hi Fructose, a magazine he has followed for a long time. Click here to see the article

Still a WIP but better show something!

Some highlights and shadows to add, but just about done for the Illustrated Recipe show.

Work in Progress... The start of a Boars head

The Man himself.. The Prince Regent, in Denim

It was the period of the Dandy - what would they have made of denim and jeans?

*For those who Don't know, this is the Prince Regent who turned into King Georg IV

Should be a treat!

This is amazing.
As part of the illustrated Recipe on the 19th May there will be a edible banquet with foods made by culinary arts Annabel De Vetton - Peterson. Yes, the Swan above is a cake...creepy confections.

See other works by Annabel

Illustrated Recipe Deets


Gallery 40
40 Gloucester Road
North Laine
Brighton, BN1 4AQ

Friday 3rd May – Sunday 26th of May 2013    

Open Wednesday – Sunday  11am – 6pm


want to come? email

Denimu in the Illustrated Recipe

Ian will take part in the Illustrated Recipe in Brighton during the Brighton Festival.

In Brighton along with friends Kate Jenkins 'knitting genius and one of the most original and innovative UK artists, famous for her unique crocheted food' and 'Rising Star' Ed Klutz, together with Kirsty Wither 'one of the UK’s most collectable female painters' and illustrator and designer Sarah Arnett.

They will recreate the foods of the famous Regency period of epicurean excess like the Prince Regent’s most extravagant banquet. Expect Mock Turtle soup, Jugged Hare and even Salamongundy to make an appearance as 5 artists re-interpret the delights of the Regency banquet in 5 very different ways.   Recipes of pure culinary excess are illustrated in crochet, denim, collage, digital print and paint by five of Britain’s most individual and collectable artists.

Follow the Illustrated Recipe on Facebook

New Micro (big) site

We are ready to launch a new micro site linked to denimu(and which will be under

The site is there purely for one thing. The work. Bigger images. In detail. An attempt to try and show the denim texture and depth, which is mainly lost online and in print. The best contact with Ian's work will always be in real life - but we appreciate not everyone can - so in response to people requesting larger images and the reaction at gallery shows after seeing the work online we created this micro site - with only the work and no distraction.

It is still being worked on, but let us know your thoughts and experiences with it at

We hope to show the work is made purely of cut up denim, and not done in photoshop and printed....

Mixing with the best

We love this picture from the Shooting Gallery exhibition. You can see Denimu's news stand through Tom Haney's mechanical sculpture, but also if you look in the reflection Adam Wallacavage's chandelier.

Denimu in Chile's National Paper

Last week in El Pais in Spain and now this in Mujer, a magazine that comes with La Tatercera, Chile's National newspaper. Translations up soon. Forget learning Swedish, we need to learn Spanish.

San Fran's own Apex at the opening

Shooting at Shooting

The badest guy in town, the ever cool Nik Sin

Some of Denimu's work at Shooting Gallery

The News Stand got more 3D

Bleach tagging

Guess it isn't normal for an artist to let people come and tag his piece, but that is what Denimu did at Shooting as he let people tag using a bleach pen.

Opening at White Walls and Shooting

Back to back with an awesome crowd.

Still putting up the work.... Opening tomorrow...

The Newstand

The News Stand will make a new appearance in San Fransisco. Expect to see a few changes to it.

Shooting Gallery, San Fransisco

Ian is stoked to be showing in San Fran with the Shooting Galley in 'Hard Time Mini Mall' curated by Noah Antieu. A big follower of the gallery from afar, it will be Denimu's first visit to the West coast.

Owner, Justin Giarla has worked for a decade to maintain White Walls and the Shooting Gallery as the premiere destination of urban and contemporary art in the Bay Area. Combined together with two more project spaces, the state of the art 5,000 square foot space is one of the largest galleries on the west coast. Named for its plain white walls, taking a backseat to the real focus: the art. 

Art is constantly evolving to reflect culturally diverse subject matters, artist backgrounds, and the contemporary political climate. By showcasing culturally significant works, White Walls elevates street-based art to fine art.

The aesthetic and conceptual quality of work shown has earned them a vital role in the contemporary art market. Proud to continue showcasing the most progressive artists working today. Urban art bypasses boundaries, to create extraordinary expressions of freedom and creativity: with no limits, anything can happen.

Event Information:

Hard Time Mini Mall
Opening Reception – Saturday, April 13, 7-11 pm
On View Through May 04, 2013
@ Shooting Gallery (
886 Geary, San Francisco, CA

Ian Berry at Shooting Gallery, San Fransisco

It is great news to share that Ian will be showing in San Fransisco, what could be called the home of the modern jean.

In a Noah Antieu curated show 'Hard Time Mini Mall' features Denimu alongside artists Frank Relle, Jason Holley, Andres Basurto, Laura Ortiz Vega, Chris Roberts-Antieau, Bryan Cunningham, Jason D’Aquino, Joe Decamillis, Adam Wallacavage and Tom Haney - many artists that have a 'noteworthy evidence of labor...with a clear focus on craftsmanship'

Taken from the Press Release

'Much of the work of Hard Time Mini Mall is instilled with an Americana aesthetic, often in unexpected ways. Hours of work and miles of discarded jeans go into Ian Berry’s realistic compositions carefully constructed from denim while Jason D’Aquino, a miniaturist accustomed to working on areas measuring less than a square inch, creates drawings stylistically inspired by vintage illustration and traditional tattooing. Frank Relle’s haunting photographs of New Orleans at night pay homage to Red Truck’s homebase and Laura Ortiz Vega is just one of the artists that expands the scope of the show, with recreations of graffiti in and around Mexico City created with an indigenous technique of the Huichol involving colorful wool thread and cera de Campeche, a dark orange beeswax particular to Mexico.

Encompassing a multitude of approaches, Hard Time Mini Mall is clearly fueled by Noah’s affinity for artists working with unconventional methods, a natural predilection he ascribes to a childhood spent among craft fairs where his mother Chris Roberts-Antieau, a self-taught textile artist, would display her own handiwork. Chris’ hand-sewn fabric collages, which appear as paintings from afar and are displayed within self-designed frames, will not only be hung in the show but the aesthetic of craft and folk art her work imbibes will be richly expanded on through the range of artists highlighted within the exhibition.

Opening reception Saturday, April 13, from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be open to the public for viewing through May 4, 2013.

Lapo Elkann's Prized Possession

Nice acclaim in DUJOUR magazine in the US.

Welcome to Utica

The welcome Ian received after leaving the Utica Avenue subway station was less than friendly, to put it mildly. Staying with a friend he knew in the area, he arrived into this world from La Guardia airport a little lost with just an address in his hand.

Already disorientated after never being so far into Brooklyn on previous visits the situation declined. A group of guys were heading toward them. He could hear them saying things, aimed at him and very threatening. Ian noticed a policeman not too far away, but the glance toward him had been noticed.

'Look at him lookin'.. think he can help him, I own these streets, If I wanna kill him, I kill him. The Police can't do nufin.'

Rather than carry on the path Denimu slightly veered off to look at a newsagent, rather than go down the subway where he thought, there would be absolutely no protection - even if the one above was a donut eating fat copper, who looked more scared than he did.

He vowed to move into Manhattan, but didn't and grew to love Brooklyn, more so than any other part of New York - perhaps an indication in the row of shops, all done in shades of coloured jeans coming through the picture showing the brighter side of this sometimes scary neighborhood.

'After this, the first couple of days you are looking over your shoulder, and hiding your camera but after a while, we only met the nicest, friendliest people. I guess a sign to never let first impressions force a knee jerk reaction.'

Ian Berry at Hans Alf, Copenhagen

On his first visit to Copenhagen, Ian claims he covered the whole city. Not looking at the little Mermaid or the tourist area of Nyhavn but after getting the art guide - visiting each and every gallery.

After the day he had found the one, ok, maybe two or three favourites. But the number one had been Hans Alf, then based in the Vesterbro former meat packing district. A cool area also home to V1, Poulsen and Bo Bjerggaard. An exhibition by René Holm was on which propelled Han's Alf to the top of the list.

With many visits since, never letting on he was himself an artist he became more familiar with the space, and Hans. So, when both were in Miami for Basel week - they instantly recognised one another in a South Beach Burger bar. The result was a night in Deuce Bar and many a conversation - which now leads to Ian Showing in Han's Alf, Copenhagen, tonight only an hour away from his Swedish base.

Running from the 1 Feb to 2nd March at

Holbergsgade 13
1057 København K

Denimu's visit to Motala in Magasinet

Denimu hasn't shut up about Motala since he got back. Just when he was going a bit quiet about it we got sent this article by the lovely Vätternskolan teacher, Linda Folkö which was in Magasinet.

The wonderful google translate helps us - It says Ian is educated in fish design and suggests that he was a little disappointed that not all the Swedes were Blonde when he arrived!

you can see it online here

Denimu the teacher...

He comes from a family of teachers, but Ian has never taught himself. To make it more interesting it was to 11 year olds. And in Sweden. The art teacher at Vätternskolan in Motala - Margareta Jiglund saw Ian on Sweden's morning show, Nyhetsmorgan last year and thought he was perfect to go in and work with the kids and inspire them during their 'blue is cool' lessons.

The official
Skapande skola project was a massive success. Denimu said 'I loved every minute of it, the kids were amazing, man, they can understand English and most can speak quite a lot. They were so polite, kind, thoughtful and quick to learn but more than anything seeing a young kid enjoying art is a big buzz - and my art too.'

After flying in from Manchester late on Sunday, and then having to get up
at 5.30 am to get to Motala on the monday morning he was worried how it would go. On Monday afternoon he went up on a stage to 48 11 year olds and a few teachers. 'I thought the Breakfast sofa on the BBC was nerve wracking' I started to speak and perhaps a few of the jokes were not understood but the nerves subsided and the kids seemed to warm to me once they saw the work'.

Over the week Ian took 4 classes twice and after a introduction to how to work with the denim the kids set out to on their own portraits. Having worked out a technique to make it easier they followed his lead and started drawing, cutting and gluing. By the last few minutes of the last class, the kids held their work up from a distance and seemed quite surprised at their own success.

'It has been one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life, no doubt. Motala is somewhere where I will always have great memories from. The place is beautiful and is the Sweden I imagined before I came here. The forest, the lake and maybe I got a good week with the snow but the sunsets were breathtaking. But it is the kids that will always stick out in my mind - I just hope I remember all their names when I come back in June! I was pretty proud of my attempt while I was there - even if I did turn them into English versions.'

Denimu remembered when he was this age, he was the arty one in class. Somewhere along the line the 'there is no money in art' and 'it is just a hobby' comments stuck and a young boys dream of being an artist faded. Now he managed to turn that around he wants to show young children that it is an option, and it is cool. 'even if not for a career, creativity helps in all kinds of things.' He said.

'When I look at Ian's art, I just think... I want to be an artist' One Student told
teacher Karolina Palmborg.

Ian saved the last words for the teachers at the school. 'I have always been in the teachers corner. I have grown up seeing my parents, Sister, extended family all doing the hard work - not in the lesson but the planning and marking at home. I got to see it even closer this week and got little sleep. But all the effort is worth it when the lessons turn out.
Margareta Jiglund, Karolina Palmborg and all the teachers were all so nice and accommodating toward me which made the week perfect. Margareta put all her heart into it and so much effort - she was the reason I said yes to the project - and I am so glad I did.

You can see a TV interview about the project here - where you can see Ian's attempt at Swedish!
There will be an exhibition in Motala Konsthall (Art Gallery) in June with the children's work...and perhaps Denimus!

Denimu on the BBC Breakfast Sofa. Big

Denimu, or more known as Ian Berry, on the BBC Breakfast sofa with Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt! You can see the interview from last Saturday morning here

Getting familiar with the surroundings

Looks quite different to what it appears on the box. The BBC Breakfast sofa.
Tomorrow morning after 9.30.

Denimu on the ITV London Sofa

A shot from Denimu's interview with Charlene White on the ITV London sofa. You can see the full interview here. He said, 'The nerves took over, my mouth was as dry as the Sahara, I must make sure I have water the next time'.... and maybe there will be another chance soon!

The real thing

Like in London, many people who knew my work had only seen it in print or online - and what came out of it was how different the works look in 'real life'. I knew some of the depth, texture and feeling was lost, but not to the extent where people thought they were 2D images - or even made in photoshop and just prints! The reaction however to the real thing was awesome, and here we tried to show a few of the details and the depth. Later next year there will be a film.. but if you want the real experience, I guess you have to see the real thing. Watch out for show dates for 2013 (and '14) coming up!

A great welcome back

I arrived back from the states to find a package waiting for me. A great surprise from the Catto Gallery! 12 bottles ready for Christmas. They did say my show last year had the most amount drank (Kate Berry you had something to do with that!) so this was pretty fitting. Lets hope we can open lots more to celebrate next fall! Thanks Catto!

Denimu the collector

I now have 'home' my first two pieces I have acquired. The first is Charles Krafft's Amy Winehouse, whose ceramic work I first loved year's ago on a trip back to London and to Stolenspace gallery. When I saw the piece at the Parlor Gallery in New Jersey I just had to have it. I bought it last year, before she died but only just collected it on this last visit. It sits in it's temporary home along with a new piece by Asif Farooq, a cardboard gun, an exact replica of a .38 special which I just purchased in Miami (Shepherd Fairy also bought one) from his amazing pop up gun store in Wynwood. Predicting big things for this guy. My third piece I got earlier in the year, by Mr Frivolous and have yet to collect from the UK. What will be next?

Denimu at Scope 2012 Miami

Here\s the Denimu collection in Miami. 

Ready for Miami.

Our booth at Scope Miami! Check out those Adam Wallacavage chandeliers! 

Denimu at Scope!

Really pleased to share with you that Denimu will be showing at Scope Miami 2012 with the Red Truck Gallery along with artists such as Adam Wallacavage, MUTIE (aka Bryan Cunningham),
Chris Roberts-Antieau, Evan B Harris and Jason D'aquino. Denimu is a Miami Art Fair virgin so we hope he enjoys his first time!

The Fair is open 4-9 December at
110 N.E. 36 St. at Midtown Blvd. Miami, Florida 33138  - for more info

RIP Jan Nielsen

A good friend of mine passed recently. Jan Nielsen, I would often joke, was my 'Surrogate Swedish Grandfather'. It was only when he died did I realize it wasn't a joke.

I had only known him for 14 months, but we had become close. Being in a foreign land, with not many friends and especially not many who know about the 'artworld' he was my sounding board and another word often used to describe him was 'My Biggest Fan'.

The first exhibition he and is wife, Gunni, came to in Sweden, they were too late. Everything had gone. So, they knew to get there fast for the next one (he had tried to email me in between but missed out the 'U' in denimu). They got there before even I did, and when the gallery door opened they ran passed the owner and straight to get the first choice.

Once I arrived we got talking. They lived in Bastad, quite a well to do part of sweden, by the coast, about 1.5 hours north from where I am. My folks had come to visit from he UK, so before we knew it, we had an invite to go up and see them, and so we did, only a few days after. And this is how it all began.

He himself had been involved in the art scene, as the chairman of Bastad konstförening (art association), so wanted to help me in Sweden. In deed it was his wife that told the magazine Konstvarlden about me, which then lead to the TV4 reportage.

It is fitting that I write it here on my blog, as he would often surprise me how often he would look at it. I would post something and within the same day, I would get an email comment about it. And if I hadn't posted for a couple of weeks another email asking if I'm ok (hence the grandad comment)

He and his wife would make any excuse to come down and visit, often bringing a pair of jeans. It was always nice to see them, but it has been such a busy year it was often cut short. 'Next time, we will do dinner and make something of it..' Next time never came. And I think this is where it hit me the most.

The picture above was in a magazine today. It was when I did a talk with artists in the area. He had found out about it, and did the 3 hour round trip that evening to come and listen. It was an awful evening. Raining so heavy. He was going to come and see the studio afterward (which I had just moved into) but as the weather was so bad, he decided to get home, 'next time'. He was so looking forward to seeing it.

This was the last time I saw him, and I had been so touched he would go that distance for me. He would have been 80 on the 4th December, although you would never have guessed it. He was the kindest man, and most genuine. I have never used this word before, but it seems to fit. He absolutely reveled in my news I would give him and was the biggest source of confidence. The smile of happiness in the good news, as he was often around to see the hard work behind it all.

Sadly, one of the last things he was to do was post me a letter - about a commission he wanted me to do - it arrived after I had found out he had died. But some comfort can be taken in knowing that the last time we spoke, he was so excited about it and so happy. He left a great wife (my surrogate grandma, although she likes to think mum ;-) a son and three grand kids who I imagine miss him greatly. As I say, he was only in my life for 14 months so I can only imagine the loss of a lifetime of him.

Hej då Jan x

And the Winners are...

The JEANSATION awards took place this last weekend at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn't attend the event - but here are the judge's winners. It's amazing what you can do with denim, and what a talented bunch of young designers were on display. Already looking forward to next years event.  

Grand Prix

Designer Kumiko Kanai (Japan)
Evening garment made of grey pleated DENIM

Award “The BEST"

Designer Jeffrey Rogador  (Philippines)          
Fashion Institute of the Philippines
Original cut jeans made of different kinds of denim

Award  “Easy Match"

Designer  Liza Odinokikh (Russia)
Fashion School "ArtFuture" -  St-Petersburg
Original garment made of grey leather decorated by blue DENIM ribbons

Designer Eva Kolarova (Czech Republic)
Denim evening garment

Award “PRESS” 
Designer Lucie Komarkova (Czech Republic)
Original design garment made of black & grey not-washed DENIM

Lapo in Italian magazine.

Lapo Elkann was featured as the cover story in Su A magazine in Italy with his company Italia Independent.
On this page you can see him with his staff, in his office, and if you look closely you will notice a little bit of Denimu in there...

Denimu an International Judge for Jeansation

Denimu will be on the judging panel of this years Jeansation in Monte Carlo. The event will take place on the 24th November at the Grimaldi Forum. More than 90 young designers, 15 fashion schools from 22 countries will present there innovative and original Jean/Denim collections based on a theme, 'The Friendly World'. Also on the Jury is

Tim Voegele-Downing  (GERMANY)
Global Creative Director, Avery Dennison

Alex Brownless  (UK)
Co-Founder/Director, Arts Thread - world's leading creative¹s network
Kristina Szasz  (GERMANY)
Creative Director Denim at Karl Lagerfeld / Karl
Hannah White  (UK)
Publisher, Fashion Monitor
DENIMU / Ian Berry   (UK / SWEDEN)
Patrizia Coggiola (ITALY / FRANCE)
Journalist, researcher, video producer, design edition manager at ” Modem"
Matteo Bardi  (ITALY)
"Mattori": Agency of Style, Fashion Trends and Creativity - Milan
Member of "le Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana"
 Federico Poletti  (ITALY)
Fashion journalist, works for VOGUE, "Talents"
Bruno Joly  (FRANCE)
Deputy editor in chief  at Fashion

The first piece in the new studio.

Here is the first piece to be completed in the new place. It stayed there finished for less than 24 hours as was shipped out to Milan the following morning. Shaping up at a sizeable 122x240 cm the only question is - Is Lapo Elkann still the worlds best dressed man when in denim?

Lapo for Lapo

Denimu was commissioned to do this piece for Lapo Elkann.


It now hangs behind the desk of the guy who for many years has graced Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Man list as well as topping the chart.  His style also includes a love of denim. As a creative he has used denim in many collaborations and projects for example the denim-upholstered Ferrari 599 and Denimu’s favourite – the denim SMEG fridge.


Often referred to as Italian Royalty and one of the World’s Most Eligible Bachelor‘s  - The grandson of Gianni Agnelli, founder of Fiat and himself a style icon. Lapo carries on this family tradition and Denimu is pretty darn proud that one of the world’s coolest guys now possesses one of his works. 


We would like to express our thanks for Lorenzo Bringheli for kindly letting Denimu base his picture from his amazing photography.

Denimu on DenimBlog.

Click to see Denimu's interview with DenimBlog. Lots of new questions!

The Studio

The jeans sorted by shade.

New Studio!

The new studio, with 4 store rooms for the jeans, a kitchen, a bathroom, a reception area and of course a large place to work Denimu is pretty happy in his new space.

Denimu as illustrated by Paddy Mills

Denimu - Ian Berry - illustrated by Paddy Mills for Completely London Magazine. See his cool work at 

Denimu on the cover of Completely London

Denimu graces the cover of Award Winning Magazine, Completely London. Based on the theme 'Dare to be different/Rebel London - Denimu recreates a scene of Camden, a common hang out for punks. You can pick up a free copy if you are in London by visiting a KFH estate agent, or find it located in corporate venues across London, like Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank - or email your name and address to

You can see an enlarged version here.

Denimu Awarded a grant by KELAndskrona

As said on from Swedish..

Landskrona based artist Ian Berry aka Denimu got a KELAcheck to develop his artistic activities. It will go to rent a new studio in which more outside activities will be planned which could not be implemented earlier due to lack of space in the previous space, despite many requests from interested parties. KELAchecken jury took a unanimous decision and look forward to seeing more of Ian Berry's denim art and business in the future and wish the best of luck!

Thank you!

Denimu on Sverige Radio (Sweden Radio)

This morning Denimu was on Sweden's 'sverige radio' talking about tonight's 'interference' meeting in Landskrona.


Selfmade Interference #3: With he world, as/is my canvas

- About being an internationally successful artist living in Sweden

Where: Café 261, Rådhustorget, Landskrona

When: the 26th of September 2012, at 6-8 pm

to see more about tonight...

To listen to the interview, part in Swedish and part English

Denimu on TV with Casa Das Artes

Denimu was on RTP TV's Casa Das Artes. You can watch the clip by clicking the image and Denimu is on after 24.02 mins.

Part of it is in Portuguese, so the lovely Mariana Macedo picked out a few quotes to translate below.

"It's an art exhibition, even to the most skeptical ones. That's because the pieces are made from a common element: jeans. You have to go to Ian Berry's exhibition to see it, at Galeria dos Prazeres..."

"This isn't design or painting. It's hundreds and hundreds of pieces of denim of dozens and dozens of colours; cut, glued and overlayed that create astonishing effects of shades and depth..."

"The British artist Ian Berry traded a career in advertising for a yet more successful one in art..."

"He works with denim and wows everyone with his capacity to transform pieces of fabric into amazingly beautiful portraits"

"Denim is a democratic material, worn by poor and rich people; and regardless of the difference you can find in the world, it unites people. And Madeira is in the artist's plans..."

At this point this is where he struggles as he loses a word - azulejos - the light blue painted tile paintings

"For this exhibition, Ian Berry worked 16 hours a day, seven days a week. You can see his work up until the 30th of September in Galeria dos Prazeres."

Denimu on TV

Denimu was filmed on RTP Portugal while in Madeira. We've been told it aired on the culture program - Casa das Artes on friday so are awaiting a clip to see it.

Opening night Photos from Madeira

There are now some photos of the opening night and gallery shots on the 'denimu' facebook page
Click on the image to go through.

Denimu on Lost at E Minor

Click to see the latest Denimu posts on Lost at E Minor

Selfmade Interference with Denimu

About being an internationally successful artist living in Sweden

Next week I will be one of three speakers at an event in Landskrona, Sweden. If you are in the area come on down. Info below.

What: Selfmade Interference #3:With the world, as/is my canvas
Where: Café 261, Rådhustorget, Landskrona
When: the 26th of September 2012, at 6-8 pm

Send an email to before the 24th of September to secure a spot, it's free!

Meeting Daniel Melim

I had the amazing pleasure to meet Daniel Melim while in Madeira. A extremely talented artist, working as an Artist in Resident in Calheta and will show in the gallery when my show closes. His work is awesome (see below) and I feel grateful I had the chance to see a few pieces and to meet the guy. He is from the Island but currently lives in Lisbon.  Check out his site at

Some new friends

Artists Patrícia Sumares (, Rigo 23 ( and Pedro Kogen ( - Check them out.

Better photos will come of this one...

The New York News Stand

The News Stand proved popular on the night.

Hard to find a photo that does it justice

The Diners

The main room of the gallery - an amazing space to show the work.

Opening Night

I have a few of the shots back from the opening night. More to come.

The American Jean

The American Jean is now online- to see the work click

Putting up the New York New Stand installation...

Will post more soon!

The invitation for Tomorrow's opening.

A big thanks goes to the Gallery, Radio Calheta 98.8FM, Quinta Pedagógica dos Prazeres, ALS Communication Consultants and @Câmara Municipal da Calheta Madeira for for making it possible.

Denimu in Madeira's National Paper - Dario de Notias.

No idea what it says but believe it to be good! I now know denim in Portuguese is 'de ganga' - could have been a much cooler name than Denimu.

Call out for Jeans in Madeira!

In two weeks (the 7th September) my next show will open at the Galeria dos Prazeres in Calheta, Madeira. I would like to put a call out for people in Calheta/Madeira to hand in any old unwanted jeans to the gallery before the opening for me to use while there. It would be very much appreciated.

Galeria dos Prazeres
Sitio da Igreja - Prazeres
9370 - 603 Calheta

Which landmark would you like to see in the world?

Recently Leisure Travel magazine from Malaysia/Singapore asked Denimu which landmark would he like to see in the world. Here is the answer.

foster + partners: Datong art museum

I have been lucky enough to go up, or at least see, 15 of the Tallest 25 buildings in the world, 8 of the remaining are on mainland China, so to fulfill my long held ambition to see them all I would like to travel around China - However non really wow me architecturally in the way the Taipei 101 did. There are much more exciting projects going on all over China much closer to the ground, or even, sunken into the ground. The Datang Art Museum, (ready 2013) appeals not only because it is an Art Museum, rather than a financial institution, but as it is designed by Foster + Partners.

Externally, the building’s form is conceived as an erupted landscape. The roof is clad in earth-toned Corten steel, which will weather naturally over time. What of course intrigues me the most is what's inside - It's centrepiece - the Grand Gallery, a heroically scaled space measuring 37 metres high and spanning almost 80 metres, in which artists will be commissioned to create large-scale works to be shown an optimal environment with natural illumination and minimal solar gain from the skylights high in the ceiling, introducing northern and north-western daylight.

Ironically May June, next to Denimu and a TV presenter in Malaysia, wanted to see the the Turning Torso in Malmo, which Denimu can see from where he lives in Sweden!

Finally! I have uploaded the video version....

The books have arrived in Sweden!

These are some of the books that arrived here to be sent out. The other ones are landing now so the wait is over.

Benjamin Wentworth gets to see his Portrait!

I was in London at the weekend as was Brooklyn based musician Benjamin Wentworth of the Heavy Empty. I took him to the Catto Gallery so he could see the work in real life. Thankfully he was impressed. Check his music at

The finished Diner...

As seen on TV!
In the TV4 Nyhetsmorgon show I was filmed making this as of yet untitled piece.
I was finishing it off while being filmed and here is the finished piece. It showed me making condiments for the table, including salt and pepper, and tomato sauce. My composition of these objects was questionable so I went with just the salt, finishing off the piece nicely. 

Some stills from Nyhetsmorgon TV4

My own Denim Guernica

Picasso's Guernica is one of my favourite works I have ever seen, a few years ago I really wanted to recreate it for myself, and my own use. It is up in my living room and was never supposed to be seen - as it is not the work that best represents me. I was caught in front of it by the tv4 cameras - so now it has been seen. Thank you for the emails inquiring about a price, but it is not for sale, not only was it made for myself - it is still under copywrite!

A little part of Eurovision fever.

Loreen, Sweden's entry to Eurovision that won on Saturday night, meaning my interview was cut down to cover it but still it is pretty cool to have my work behind Tilde de Paula's back while she interviews her.
Grattis Sweden!

Coming up at 11.15 Swedish time....

See Denimu on National TV!

This Sunday I will be on Sweden's TV4's morning show - Nyhetmorgon. I was interviewed yesterday by the lovely Lovisa Thuresson while I was working.

If you are in Sweden you can see the show, presented by Tilde da Paulo, on Sunday morning. I should be told a time to share with you.

If you miss it however, it will be online and I can post on here afterward.

Interview at The Catto Gallery.

Currently showing at Galeria dos Prazeres - Bengt Lindström

One of the most famous contemporary Swedish Artists is exhibiting in Madeira, Portugal in the same gallery I am showing at in September - Quite an act to follow!


Due to popular demand, a short run of books will be printed.
To read more and to order click on the image below.

To frame or not to Frame

I normally prefer the work unframed, as I like how you can see the denim 'canvas' wrapped around the wood. However, here, Camden Lock is framed and it looks really smart and really finishes it off creating even more depth in the piece.

Some More shots from the Opening Night

All shots provided by Anthony Gandy.

The Real Thing

At other shows it had been mentioned.  What really became clear at the Catto opening was how people saw the work so differently than what they'd seen in print or online. I knew a lot of the depth and texture was lost in the photography, but it made me realize I need to get some shots on here, up close and on the angle.

People have always wanted to touch the work, I don't mind too much as long as they have clean hands and keep away from the white denim. If you have ever worn it, you know why.

Somebody said something funny.

No thanks to the thief

The books are still not returned. Luckily we managed to get some from the North and Sweden so people could see at the opening.

Thanks for the great turn out last night at my London Show.

I'm told it was the record for the amount drank.

Today's Ham&High

Click on the image to read the article of the latest show at the Catto Gallery in Hampstead, London which opens tonight at 6pm.

Hope to see you later

The work is ready for tonight. Catto Gallery, Hampstead, London. 6pm

Theft in Hampstead

It's not often anything gets stolen in Hampstead but two of my books, of a very limited run went missing today. They were actually the only two in the Gallery. If they were taken by mistake (they didn't have the now attached sticker on) please return them to the Catto Gallery.

Denimu in the Examiner

Really nice article in the Examiner, you can read by clicking the image.


The Wild One, and addition to the Denim Icon collection.

Denimu in Konstvarlden

The April Edition of Konstvarlden came out today with Denimu featured in a very good article. Konstvarlden is the Swedish Art Magazine. We'll translate to English soon and post it. As always, there is one or two mistakes - Denimu is not engaged - however it says the art is good, so that's the important thing.

Money Raised for Cambodian School

Denimu managed to raise $500 for the Romdolchang Phnom School in Cambodia.

His friend, Sarah Hobson, delivered the money in person and spent some time at the school.

She is pictured here handing over the money, to a teacher at the school, Soeurn Sinn. If you would like to know more about the school and what Denimu wants to achieve you can read here

Denimu in Australian mag Yume

The nice folks down under at Yume featured me in their latest issue of Yume. You can check it out by clicking on the image where you can also see the rest of the magazine. Really cool zine so check it. Amazing art in there by Rich Pellegreno, DRES13, and illustrations of Sam McKenzie in between some rather attractive photos for the boys.

Front Row Monthly article

The last post was an embarrassing video, now you can see what I say in written words.

You can read all at p 22-28

Lonarte 11 Interview

Clips from the interview I had in Madeira, Portugal for Lonarte 11 last summer can be seen here 

New Piece

It's been a while, so i thought I would share this one.

Denimu in PLAYBOY Italia!

Ole Ahlberg at Gamla Staden in Landskrona

If you are in Skane you should visit Galleri Gamla Staden in Landskrona for Ole Ahlberg's exhibition. The well known and loved (by most) Danish artist will be showing his work there from the 19th November (vernissage) to the 10th of December. Famous for using Tin Tin in many of his works and also scantily clad women, more often than not in the same picture. His use of Tin Tin has been controversial, having being sued by the copyright holders of Hergés’ Tin Tin, Moulinsart - however Ole won the case but it has been said

'An army of lawyers is well underway trying to figure out a way to get the better of this impertinent Dane who is so impudent as to exercise his freedom of artistic expression.'

He also felt the scorn of a group of feminists at another show for his portrayal of women in his work. So go down for yourself, there is nothing like a bit of controversy to bring the people out. The work is also worth seeing, before I miss that out.

The SHOP Galery New Orleans

The Shop Gallery shows many well known artists, and some I have shown with already, like Lisa Brawn, Adam Wallacavage and Charles Crafft. I couldn't say a bad word about any of the artists in this really cool gallery in the heart of New Orleans and it is pretty intimidating showing with such a good group. Wanting to start my own collection I am hoping to get hold of one of Mike Stilkey's pieces and also a Charles Krafft and ........anyone want to help me?

The good people you meet.

This trip we have been so lucky with the people we have met and the kindness they have shown. Here is Michele Garval who came to the gallery on recommendation from David Loehr at The James Dean Gallery. After talking to her she said she would drive us around the outskirts of New Orleans to see some more of the sights - Hopefully you will be seeing some work inspired by this great day soon. Thanks Michele.

I'm in New Orleans, if you are, come down to THE SHOP on Saturday night.

Goodbye Fairmount

The piece is finished and I am now ready to leave Fairmount for Indianapolis and then down to New Orleans. It has been a fantastic few days here in Indiana and I would like to thank everyone involved in helping make it so special, especially David Loehr and Lenny Prussack at The James Dean Gallery in Fairmount as well as the locals that volunteered their services to help erect the piece.

If you would like to see a step by step of the creation of the work click here

If you would like to see the press release with more information click here

James Dean back home in Fairmount, Indiana.

...And getting back up to add some final touches.

Erecting the James Dean piece in Fairmount today.

The work is up and Ready at de Luxe

Today I hung the work up at de Luxe in Malmo, Sweden ready for the Denim Party. With such a short time frame I thought showing the Icon pieces would work with the theme of the celebration of denim, as, maybe there would be no party today if these guys didn't wear their jeans? 

The Party starts tonight until Sunday. See info in the post below. I'll hopefully get some pics up of the party after Saturday. Remember some of the proceeds go to the Swedish Red Cross, so come on down.

Collaboration with Deluxe, Malmo

On Thursday this week I will be collaborating with DeLuxe in Malmo, a seriously cool independent fashion store. They are celebrating all things denim over a 4 day period with DJ's, competitions, discounts over their awesome choice of denim brands and with me there, a bit of art. 

In Swedish

Borden står dukade och personalen är redo att serva dig. Så nu ska vi ställa till med höstens bästa JEANSPARTAJ! Känn på detta! Vi drar igång torsdag 29 september med 20% rabatt på ALLA JEANS. Det blir tävlingar med fina priser i potten. Vi har fått några nya familjemedlemmar i vårt redan rika jeansutbud och givetvis har vi skrapat fram det bästa. Checka vår web,, för att uppdatera dig.

På lördagen spisar Björn sköna plattor för att få stämning och inspiration på topp. Häpnadsväckande konst signerad Ian Berry, alias DENIMU, kommer pryda väggarna. Han gör fascinerande konst av denim. Njut av mästerverken med en espresso från Mokarabia i näven eller håva hem ett par, eller flera, grymma jeans. Vi håller erbjudandet vid liv till söndag 2 oktober. Till sist kan vi glädja dig med att under dagarna fyra kommer vi även få besök av några leverantörer som kommer att trollbinda dig än mer.

Thursday night Malmo City has a special opening of all the stores until kl.20.00 and 20% of the proceeds will go to Röda Korset - The Swedish Red Cross so if you are in the area check it out.

Södra Förstadsgatan 2, 211 43 Malmö

I'm in ELLE!

The new September edition of Elle came out yesterday featuring 'The Face of Denim' and a nice little article. Thanks Elle. 

Being in Sweden and not knowing the language, I find myself watching some certain programs on TV just because they are talking English, or, another excuse, the remote is hidden under the piles of jeans. But everyday I see models, fashion designers and all kinds of people on TV reality shows fighting to get into ELLE - so it's nice to be in such a good magazine.

Showing with Peter Wahlbeck...

The show in Lund was shared with Peter Wahlbeck, the comedian, writer, TV personality and star of Dancing on the Stars! He is also an artist. I'm shown here with him and his work during the show yesterday. One more week to go.

It's been a great opening weekend at JÄGER & JANSSON

The exhibition opened and was a great success, so thank you to those involved especially Dan Jäger at the gallery. Have a very sore throat after talking constantly for over 5 hours, but thank you for all that came and helped make a great day. Thank you for all your comments. 

Opening of Exhibition at JÄGER & JANSSON Galleri in Lund on Saturday

My next Exhibition opens this Saturday from 12 at JÄGER & JANSSON  in Lund. Most of the work is brand new and has a heavy focus on my time in Lund, and also the surrounding Oresund region. If you are in the are it would be great for you to come. It is a duo show, and the other artist needs no introduction to Swedes as it is the famous Comedian, Actor, Writer, and contestant on Dancing with the Stars - Peter Wahlbeck! 

The above picture is the street the Gallery is on, St. Gråbrödersgatan, and the gallery is on the left. 

Vernissage kl 12 - 17
after that the gallery is open kl 12-16 on Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sundays until 9/9.

The Exhibition is up and ready in Lund

Also Showing with...

Totally flattered to be showing alongside Bryan Cunningham (a.k.a MUTIE) above.  And of course all the other artists that are part of the show in Parlor like the brightly colored works by Jesse Reno and Danel Belardinelli and the high end logo-emblazoned weapons by Peter Gronquist and intricately hand-beaded found objects by Andy Pawlan are just a few of the works also to be featured in the show.

Thomas Bernard, Martine Birobent, Bradley Hoffer, Mac Premo,  Michael Mapes, and Morris Jurgensen are also featured in this really cool selection of works. check them out. 

New Piece! Before it Went

I have just completed this picture after too many days and hours to count working on it. When I first arrived I would love walking around Copenhagen and other cities around the Sound just wandering around to get a real feel for the place, off the beaten track. I stumbled upon this derelict building one day walking around the Norrebro area, and have since been informed it has been pulled down. The building, I think you will agree, will be sadly missed and has so much beauty in its dereliction. It will show in Lund this Saturday. 

Say It Ain't So...

Remember the former bassist from Weezer Mikey Welsh, you may have jumped up and down to songs like 'Beverly Hills', well, after he left the stage he entered the gallery and now I'm hanging alongside him at Parlor - that is pretty cool! 

Showing Alongside....

I nearly fell off my chair when I found out I was showing alongside Charles Krafft at the Parlor Gallery in New Jersey. I live his work and saw it first hand in one of my favourite Galleries in London, Stolenspace last year.

He "utilizes the traditional techniques and materials of decorative Delft ceramic painting to explore the sometimes-Orwellian realities of our times. Images of natural and socio-political catastrophes decorate his ceramic objects. In addition to ironic commemorative plates and plaques, Krafft makes porcelain weapons and ammunition.

"Contemporary art should be relevant to our lives and experiences," Krafft has said. "The time we live in produces curious and splendid souvenirs of the events we live through."

You can see a little bit more on the link, and, maybe I may be coming back from the US with one...

My Girls in the Jersey Shore.

A few more pics of the girls hanging in Parlor Gallery, NJ supplied by the lovely Jenn Hampton at the Gallery. 
Just a few more weeks left to see them.

Opening at Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Last night was the opening of the show at Parlor Gallery, and I believe a good night was had by al. Only wish I could have been there. 

Gustav Adolf Torg in denim.

Here is the centre of Malmo in denim. I've been wanting to do this picture for such a long time and took the photo and sketches over a year ago. I've named it Färska Blåbär simply meaning, Fresh Blueberries. 

I, or someone that looks like me, in NYLON!

One day last May I was having a particularly bad day but then I came home to an exciting email. It was from Nylon wanting to write about my work for the August edition, it was such a boost. So I spent the next few months looking forward to it, only to be pretty disappointed they got my name wrong when i finally got a copy! Oh well, it's still pretty awesome to say that I was in Nylon, one of the US's biggest mags. 

Diamond in the Rough

One of my latest works. All still in denim, just some pieces are coloured denim. I found this place in Copenhagen last year and fell in love with it. It was quite a dull day and this graffiti filled building really brightened up the day. 


Just got back from a great few days in Calheta, Madiera, Portugal for LONARTE 11 where the actual artwork hung by the beach along with 9 other International artists. Mine is only the second one to hang during LONARTE to be the actual artwork whereas the others are blown up reproductions and the original hanging in the gallery. Mine being vice-versa. 

See pictures here

The Exhibition is closing at Gamla Staden

The show is drawing to a close and it has been a great few weeks. Its been so busy that I never got time to take any pictures. This is one with 'Sides of Sound'.

Media interest in the show creates a busy Vernissage!

Thanks to the media interest in the show, with people coming from as far as Copenhagen and Stockholm to see the Exhibition. First weekend went very well, with only a few pieces left - The show goes on until 26 Juni.

articles can be seen here

Two days until the opening of first Solo Exhibition in Sweden

and denim artworks need denim posters.

Denimu to show at Parlor Gallery, New Jersey

I have been invited to show at the really cool Parlor Gallery in New Jersey in August, This one, I-Cannot-WAIT-for. Now, to get ready for it. Aug 13. 

Large Piece to hang in Portugal

New work to hang at Lonarte 2011 in July, nearly 5 meters long. 
I need to get some new denim...

Denimu to take part in Lonarte 2011 in Madeira, Portugal

I have been invited to join 40 International artists showing their work at Calheta beach on the Island of Madiera in July. Really excited at the opportunity and may be making a large piece 480cm x 108cm to show by the beach. 

Denimu in JUXTAPOZ Magazine


AWESOME. Just seen Juxtapoz online has profiled me. Well made up. Just wish they could have seen the newer work, but still I'm on Juxtopoz! 

Today's Newspaper with Mikael Brandt

online version on

Denimu reviewed on International Blogs

Denimu has been reviewed at these really cool international blogs, have a look and help him out by clicking 'like' on the facebook apps in the pages. Just click on the links below.


Interested in the 50 Films? watch this and remember your childhood favourites

About the last blog post.

I have had a few people email me asking what the last blog post said. understandable. I would certainly suggest not to google translate. I have tried doing this in the past, and it gets very messy.

The post was about a show I did for Filmstaden for Disney's Tangled (Trassel) which premiered last night. It was the 50th animated Disney film, so I created a body of work basedon the old films. Fimstaden (SF Bio) is Sweden's largest cinema chain and the Malmo complex includes the largest screen in Sweden as well as being one of the biggest in Europe, at Royal.

So the Swedish says something like this, translated from the writing from the show...

Disney’s 50th animated feature.

From Snow White to Rapunzel.

Denimu was instantly drawn to the idea when approached to create a body of work to mark the 50th Disney animated film, Tangled. Growing up during the Disney ‘Renaissance’ period he indicates the animations were one of the reasons he began to draw. He also states how the stories during this period drew heavily from old folk tales and Tangled, the story based on Rapunzel, is another from that genre which he is interested in.

We’ve all have watched Disney films, and have our personal favourites. All the best Disney movies have universal themes and the ability to connect to multiple audiences. They hold some of our most treasured childhood memories, and have some of the most iconic soundtracks.


Denim is an ideal medium to mark this event, both are fundamentally American, and both of their impacts have spread across the globe.


Denimu brought together both of his styles, creating a smorgasbord of work inspired by the old tales. He is fascinated by some of the characters of the great stories. Even though they are different illustrations to that of Disney and the originals, they are recognizable as who they are by a few simple characteristics. We all know Snow White is a black haired, white-faced girl with blood red lips, and a girl with long hair is Rapunzel. Denimu thinks of the characters portrayed in the films as ‘turning to denim’ in this respect. They are so ubiquitous that these old stories are now ingrained into our lives and imagination.


Many of the 50 films retell fairytales from the public domain. He went through each film tracing the inspiration for the script (see right). Some are obvious, some less so. Some follow the original’s basic storylines, and some just a little. Retelling old tales is nothing new though. The stories collected by Brother’s Grimm were often from peasant folklore. The storytellers in villages across Europe could never have imagined that their stories that spread first through generations would reach every corner of the globe. Brother’s Grimm are a top contributor to Disney’s animated films with Snow White, Cinderella*, Sleeping Beauty*, The Frog Prince as well as Rapunzel being inspired by their tales. The artist said he likes to think of the Grimm brother’s as the 19th Century Disney.


It’s important to realize where the origins of the stories came from and that some of the legends and tales that were already in existence and then Christianised by the authors. There are at least six different versions of The Little Mermaid before Anderson did his adaptation but that's one of the rights of the storyteller. They can take old tales and change them enough to make them practical for the contemporary audience. That's what Brothers’ Grimm did, that's what Hans Christian Anderson did and that has been what Disney’s done, that's what storytellers do.


A lot of the recent films have slipped off Denimu’s radar but he thinks this one looks like it could be right up there with the classics, both in storytelling and look. It has been interesting to watch the changing styles in animation over the years but this one has almost come full circle to reflect the beauty of the first with a hand drawn quality blended in the CGI.


‘I would recommend people go and see the film, but also to go and read the old stories as well as revisiting some of the old Disney Classics.’ Denimu.


See the film at Filmstaden and The Royal from 4th February 2011

Turned to denim - Från Snövit till Rapunzel

Disneys femtionde animerade film



När Denimu blev tillfrågad att skapa en serie tavlor för att uppmärksamma Disneys femtionde animerade film, Trassel, sprudlade idéerna. Som uppväxt under Disneys stora renässans, under 80- till tidiga 90-talet, var deras filmer en inspirationskälla till att han själv började teckna. Även de traditionella sagorna som så ofta Disneys filmer bygger på, liksom Rapunzel i Trassel, har gjort starkt intryck på honom.


Vi har alla sett Disneys filmer och vi har också alla våra favoriter. Disneys universella teman och förmåga att fånga åskådaren är just vad som gör filmerna så bra. De står för många av våra starkaste barndomsminnen och filmmusiken är alltid lika utmärkande.


Denim kan vara det ideala materialet att föreviga en Disneypremiär. I likhet med Disney är denim ett uttryck för det Amerikanska och de har båda gjort ett starkt intryck som som spridits över hela världen.


Denimu har sammanslagit sina båda stilar och skapat en serie verk helt inspirerad av vår sagovärld, detta som ett uttryck för hans fascination av dess karaktärer. Trots att Denimus illustrationer skiljer sig från Disneys och originalsagorna är de alla igenkännande genom karaktäristiken i detaljerna. Bland annat känner vi igen Snövit på de röda läpparna och det svarta hårets kontrast till hennes ljusa hy och så även att flickan med det långa långa håret är Rapunzel. Denimu återberättar på så vis sagorna i jeanstyget och i sin tur genom deras karaktäristiska drag. Historier som är så välkända och kära för oss alla att de för alltid finns med oss genom våra liv och i våra fantasier.

Flertalet av Disneys 50 filmer (se till höger) porträtterar dessa sagor som så många gånger återberättats. Denimu gick igenom varenda film letandes efter inspiration till motiven för tavlorna. Vissa drag är tydliga andra mer subtila, vissa följer de välkända berättelserna, andra inte. Att återberätta sagor är dock inget nytt. Bröderna Grimm är kanske de mest välkända författarna av historier som ofta hämtades från bönders folksägner. Dessa berättare hade nog aldrig kunnat föreställa sig hur vida spridda deras sägner skulle bli. Bröderna Grimms historier har blivit några av de största bidragsgivarna till Disneys animationer så som Snövit, Askungen, Törnrosa, Prinsessan och grodan och Rapunzel. Konstnären anser bröderna Grimm vara något av 1800-talets version av Disney.


Men det är också viktigt att förstå sägnernas ursprung. Många av dessa sagor har funnits långt före våra moderna tolkningar. Exempelvis den Lilla sjöjungfrun, kanske mest är känd från HC Andersens bok, fanns sedan tidigare i hela sex olika versioner. Att förändra sagorna är och förblir dock berättarens rätt. Historier och sägner utvecklas på så vis utifrån samtidens värderingar och lyssnaren i sig. Sådana förändringar gjorde bröderna Grimm såväl som HC Andersen vilket är precis vad Disney också gör, det är helt enkelt berättaren som gör historien till sin egen.


Av de senaste Disneyfilmerna är det inte många som fångat Denimus intresse på samma vis som Trassel, vilken han anser kommer bli en klassiker såväl till handling som animation. Han berättar också att det varit mycket intressant att följa utvecklingen i animationerna genom tiderna och menar att cirkeln nu nästan är sluten då Trassel lyckats blanda skönheten i de tecknade filmerna med dagens datorteknik, CGI.


Jag vill rekommendera filmen Trassel, men jag vill även rekommendera er att läsa de gamla sagorna och återse Disneyklassikerna” - Denimu


Se filmen på SF Filmstaden Storgatan, Filmstaden Entré och Royal från den 4e februari 2011.


Helsingborg Landscape

I have had a few emails asking if I am going to do Helsingborg so I thought I better let you know I am, and show you the sketch. The view is from the Kärnan and looks over the city, the sound and over toward Helsingor in Denmark.  It will be 3600x700 so it may take a little while before I can add the final work.

Grattis på ett års dagen

RIP Geraldine Doyle.

July 31 1924 - December 26 2010

The girl who provided the face for the We Can Do It poster, an embodiment of the iconic World War II character Rosie the Riveter passed away today. Geraldine Hoff Doyle, 86, died in Lansing, Michigan, due to complications from arthritis.


With this news, and having read more of her life story in her obituary, I have decided to rename this picture Geraldine Doyle Did It from Rosie the Riveter.


Geraldine worked for a short while operating a metal-stamping machine during the war. While there a photographer took a picture of her that artist J. Howard Millar subsequently used for the Westinghouse Company’s anti-absenteeism and anti-strike campaign in 1942.


It was to become the most associated image of Rosie the Riveter, however, as I just found out, it was not actually intended to be Rosie. Rosie was the fictional character that represented all the American women who worked in factories during World War II. The term was first coined in 1942 in a song of the same name by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb and was followed by the propaganda material that used ‘Rosie’. Norman Rockwell’s cover image for the Saturday Evening Post being one of the most recognised.


Unlike Rockwell’s that received mass distribution the We Can Do It poster had only been an internal communication and wasn’t seen beyond the Midwest. It was only when it was found and embraced by the feminist movement in the 1980’s that it became associated with ‘Rosie’ creating the cultural icon it is today.


Doyle herself didn't even know she was the model until 1984, when she came across an article in Modern Maturity magazine. ‘It was her face but not her arms’, her daughter said. It sounds like Miller used some artistic license for those biceps! Either way she was to become an unwitting feminist hero and one of the faces of the 20th Century.


‘Raise your glass’ (sorry for the Pink pun!) to the passing of an icon, and to all the denim clad Rosie’s who helped gain victory in the war effort.

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